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Information Technology To The World

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Travel Tips for a Holiday

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Travel Tips for a Holiday

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World Wide Travel Insurance: Travel Without Tensions

Saturday, November 3, 2012 4 comments

Is your travel plan taking you out of Europe this holiday? Then, you definitely need a worldwide travel insurance policy for yourself and your family members.
Many people are traveling out of their country or continent to far off places. Traveling worldwide is not a new phenomenon. With the fast growing up of speedy transportation facilities, people in large numbers are traveling to distant countries; the countries you are not familiar with. What if you fall ill there? What if your flight gets cancelled due to some or other reason? You might not have any idea of the costs of treatment in that country. It may be much higher than your home country. The solution to all these problems lies in purchasing worldwide travel insurance.
Worldwide Travel insurance is of various types:
Single Trip Travel insurance: Be it visiting Ibiza or the Caribbean islands, single trip world wide insurance is the best insurance to purchase if you are planning to travel for once a year. You can buy this policy for yourself individually or for all your family members.
Multi-trip or annual travel insurance: This is the perfect policy if you and your family like to travel more than once a year.
Adventurous travel insurance: Are you planning to go for tracking in the Great Himalayas of India, or go on a trip to the Sahara desert? Whatever may be the reason, if you like adventurous travel, buy adventurous worldwide travel now.
Business travel insurance: If you have to travel frequently to different countries for your business, then business world wide travel insurance is the best policy for you.
It is good if nothing happens to you during your world wide travel, but no one can envisage what is in store in their future. Any incident can happen; so it is better to purchase world wide travel insurance than be sorry.
To search for the perfect quote you need to do a lot of research. You have to find out about the various companies that offer world wide insurance, and then you have to find out their rates, compare them, and finally purchase them. All of these require a lot of time and patience. But now with the internet facilities this work is made easier and less time consuming. Browse through the pages and purchase for yourself world wide travel insurance.


Travel Wise: Selecting A Virtual Travel Specialist

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Gone are the days of relying on your neighborhood travel agent or spending the first day of your vacation hunting for a local outfitter or guide. Reliable travel specialists are located in virtually every corner of the world and can now be accessed on the web.
Whether you are searching for a tour operator, travel agency or outfitter, the following tips will help you weed through the plethora of travel specialists hawking their wears online.
The design and content of a company’s website speaks volumes about the way they do business.
• A travel specialist’s website should provide information that is useful, informative and fun.
• The contact information, including a phone number and an email address, should be easy to locate.
• The site should also include all relevant information, such as the cost of an excursion, maps and directions. And, for those engaging an adventure specialist, a packing list, either directly in the content or in the form of an FAQ (frequently asked questions).
Visible track record
Great website but how do I know they can deliver? Assessing a travel specialists credentials is not as difficult as it sounds.
• Many industry associations and tourist boards list members and accredited agencies on their websites.
• Check references, read testimonials from previous clients, pose questions on a travel forum.
Knowledge and experience
Nothing can be a substitute for knowledge and experience.
• Determine the agency or outfitter’s knowledge of your travel destination as well as the type of adventure you wish to experience.
• Find out how long they have been in the business and whether they are accustomed to organizing tours for singles, families or seniors.
Location of the outfitter
If they are not located in the country you will be traveling to you may also wish to understand:
• Who will sort out any problems, accidents, or emergencies that may arise during your holiday?
• When was the last time they biked down that country road?
• Or how they will obtain a refund for the boat tour that was cancelled due to inclement weather.
Client service
If communicating with the specialist is a challenge there is a good chance your trip will turn out to be a disaster. Select a specialist that is committed to organizing quality trips and returning satisfied clients.
• How quickly does the agency or outfitter respond to your emails and telephone calls?
• Are they eager to assist you with the planning of your vacation?
• Do they go the extra mile to customize your itinerary?
• Does the proposed itinerary reflect your interests?
Cost vs. Value
Get more than one proposal and compare.
• Find out what is and what is not included in the price.
• Determine the location and quality of the accommodation.
• How many meals are included and whether they are buffet or a la carte.
• Is the trip fully guided or will you be touring on your own?
• In addition you will want to know what, if any, sightseeing is included and whether you will have any free time.
Make sure to read the fine print before you commit. The terms and conditions should clearly spell out your responsibilities as well as those of the specialist.
• What is the company's policy on reservations, deposits and cancellations?
• Can a tour or excursion be cancelled for a lack of bookings?
• Who is responsible for additional payments in the event of a currency fluctuation?